“In Rebecca, I have seen some of the most tenacious, thorough and passionate investigative work ever. Rebecca is meticulous, but more importantly, has tremendous initiative and insights, which enable her to take the ball and run with it effectively. I could not recommend her more highly.”

- Yasmin Cader, Attorney at Law

"I know Rebecca well as an investigator. She is unfailingly efficient, responsive, and thoroughly professional. Most importantly, she's smart, determined, and she gets results."

- Marta VanLandingham, Attorney at Law

“Rebecca’s dedication to her work and to her clients always shines through. Rebecca never shies away from a challenge; if anything, she seems to relish difficult tasks that border on the impossible. She puts in the time to master complicated records. She prepares thoroughly for witness interviews, and she is incredibly persistent in tracking down and interviewing evasive witnesses. Her writing is clear, thorough, and precise. Rebecca’s natural talent, combined with her strong work ethic, make her a huge asset. I wholeheartedly recommend her services as an investigator”"

– Ajay Kusnoor, Attorney at Law

"Ms. Dobkin carefully develops insight into the needs of a case and the perspective of the client, and she is always in your corner. She works hard and never gives up. She's everything you need.”

– Myra Sun, Attorney at Law

“While she was an investigator for the FPD's capital habeas unit, Rebecca and I worked together on two capital habeas cases. In each case, Rebecca demonstrated what makes her an extraordinary investigator.

First, her initiative and genuine excitement about the work motivated the entire team. She was the first to 'dive in' to the documents, organize the files, and determine who should be interviewed and what records should be requested.

Second, she displayed a keen attention to detail as she digested reports, pleadings, and transcripts to find areas for new fact development.

Third, once she's on the road to interview a witness -- she'll find that witness. Whether it took hours, days, or months, Rebecca located, talked to, and cultivated a relationship with difficult witnesses in difficult places. She is undaunted.

Finally, Rebecca has a unique ability to couch her investigative skills in the context of her understanding of our legal claims and goals. While offering fresh perspectives outside the four corners of claim-elements, she understands (or makes sure she finds out) what facts are necessary to develop a meritorious claim, defense, and case. These skills, combined with the passion and energy to use them, made Rebecca an invaluable and irreplaceable member of our team”

– Joe Trigilio, Attorney at Law