Criminal Defense

Gathering information that can be helpful to those facing criminal charges or for those who are on appeal. This includes locating and interviewing witnesses, securing statements from witnesses, obtaining supporting documents.

Missing Persons

Locating missing persons through background investigation and interviewing pertinent witnesses.

Background Checks

Identity and address verification, employment reference and character reference checks, criminal history records search, litigation and court records search, professional licensing verification

Child Custody/Support

Gathering and documenting evidence in child custody disputes to assist in evaluating the quality of care a child is receiving. This can include surveillance, witness interviews, and background investigation.


Finding out if a spouse or partner is cheating, often done by surveillance.

Asset Search

Identification of real property, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, business affiliations, and other valuable assets.

People Locates

Finding current and historical addresses and phone numbers.

Public Record Search

Criminal and civil court searches, property reports, business associations, birth, death, and marriage certificates.